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Ballet by pasteybitch

Ok here it is without seeing any of your work, which i will look at after i've written my humble views...well this image jumped out at me, why .. it's simple stylish with a hint of mystery..i love the pose, and the look of confidence, yet vuneralbility in your the photograph has worked in that sense, i'm a sucker for redheads, english complexions and flower print dresses,so on that note it's a winner..BUT the photograph has real merit despite my weakness's for the above mentioned, that is it works as a captivating image, one is transported by the whole suspense of the drama to unfold..commercially it's a great image for a boutique in NY/Japan/London...too english for the Parisians..but that just them...i'd like to see a version in that all important little black dress, only to keep the french happy and to see how you would translate into a sophisticated look..other than that,well done for an inspirational image..
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